Restoring Roots

November is a time to slowly turn one's focus towards embracing the winter season, an oncoming time of inner reflection and restoration of roots. Unsure of what your roots are? Below are some grounding journaling prompts and insight to help you remember who you are at your core.


  • What do you wholeheartedly stand by in your life? At a soulful level, what is it you most hope to experience or create for yourself? Are your routines, relationships, and commitments currently in line with your core values?


  • What are activities you do that fuel a sense of well-being, strength, and balance? Could you modify your weekly routine at all to better serve you during the oncoming winter season?


  • Are you currently taking care of yourself the same way you compassionately serve others? Do you treat yourself with the same genuine care you'd extend to anyone else? Perhaps take some time to put yourself first and make sure your attitudes and actions are sincere towards yourself and others.


After taking a pause to mindfully reflect or journal on the above prompts, a final offering to use the powerful affirmation: I know who I am. You can repeat this affirmation slowly to yourself whenever it comes to mind during your day. As you do, take a few deep breaths and allow the words to flow freely to your sense of core and root. While it may come off as far fetched, somewhere inside your soul will thank you for remembering who you are.