7 ways to practice on and off your mat during the holidays

Here's to YOGA for helping us keep it together during the holidays!

7 ways to practice both on and off your mat to move with grace during this festive season: 

  1. Be kind - Being kind makes everything easier.  Be kind to others, and yourself!  Some of us may be interacting with way more people than we're used to around this time. Set an intention to let the small things that set you off simply roll off your back.  You'll feel more mental space to stay clear and present with those you care about most.  But don't forget about those brief and seemingly ordinary moments while gift shopping or running errands. A negative or rude exchange can really damper someones day, while a sincere smile can be just enough to lighten it up and give them space to smile and breathe as well!
  2. Set a daily mini-routine - As personal time may be more limited during this time, it'll be important to have at least a 5-10 minute routine you can do daily in order to regroup and realign.  This could be a few Sun Salutations, combining a few of your favorite poses, walking around the block, or simply lying in Savasana! The key here is to try to do it everyday, ideally around the same time.  Keep it simple, no fuss.  Use this routine to turn your brain off for a bit and focus on your body.  It will thank you!

  3. Come back to your breath - To-Do lists, long shopping lines, one too many relatives cramping your style? Right when you can sense some stressful edginess creeping up, come back to your breath.  You can do this anywhere and no one will even notice!  In a matter of a few seconds, you can flood your awareness with breath by noticing any of its qualities.  Is your breath currently shallow? Deep? Tense? Smooth? Focus on your breath until you can sense any level of calm or contentment.  You may surprise yourself with how much of that edginess fades away, and you can carry on a bit lighter.
  4. Make a yoga date - Looking for something fun and different to do with your friends and family? Make a yoga date! This doubles not only as share-love themed activity, but also as a way for you to refuel yourself!  If you travel out of town, then it can be fun to scout out a new yoga studio!  Or, if you have friends and family staying with you, then invite them to your favorite class at Yoga Now.  We'll be honored to meet those who are close to you!  Don't forget about our 5 Classes for $50 Holiday Special. If your loved one is staying for a few days, this just may be the perfect deal for them!
  5. Treat yourself - Yes, this is a season of giving.  How many of us find it easy to lose ourselves in so much giving?  Take time to make sure your reserves don't run empty, so that you can also welcome the New Year with light and clarity for yourself!  Treat yourself to something that makes you smile or creates a necessary exhale.  I am available for Thai Bodywork sessions and/or Private Yoga by appointment. Contact me today! stephanie@raisethevibeyoga.com
  6. Practice awareness - Keep your eyes open to all your blessings, no matter how big or small. The holidays go by quick and are full of precious moments! Take inner "snapshots" of whatever brings meaning to this season, even if they are quick lived. "Around us life bursts with miracles.  If we live in Awareness, it is easy to see miracles everywhere." - Thich Nhat Hanh
  7. Embrace! - Take a moment right now to consider what the holiday season has to offer you.  What positive qualities does it bring?  What negative aspects of the season do you find challenging?  Take an assessment now before you find yourself in the thick of the hype.  Focus on the positives while also being aware of what may serve as stress triggers for you so that if in when these triggers present themselves, you are prepared and can handle them with grace and ease.  

Lastly, know that I am here for you.  I look forward to seeing you during this season, and wish safe travels to those who will be away.  Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!