An open letter to the yoga student #1

Dear yoga student,

Whether you're new to yoga, a long time practitioner, or have yet to give yoga a true try... I honor you! As a yoga teacher, I can't emphasize enough that yoga meets everyone where they are at any given moment. Nowadays, many people are drawn to yoga for the physical benefits and/or for stress management. Every week I meet people who are new to yoga. I remember the impact the first few yoga teachers in my life made, and I am honored to be there for those who walk into a yoga class for the first time. 

What I most hope to express is that your yoga practice is yours.

It is not designed to be compared to anyone else. As a guide and teacher, I am aware of the role I play. I come from a place of respect, space, and non-judgement. What I teach stems from deep rooted presence and clarity that I nurture daily to keep strong. Even if you are the student who likes to place your mat anonymously in the back of the group, or the one who was thrown off to find me subbing last minute for your favorite teacher, or the one who is having a hard time relaxing your breath, or the one who give me the side eye when I mention energy centers, or the one who muscles through poses, or the one who wouldn't dare take a private lesson to add value to your practice....  I see you.  I see you for who you are and you are loved and accepted. 

Your yoga practice is yours and is not mine to judge, but rather help guide when you allow me to. All I can say, is that if you stick with it, if you open yourself to the process and possibilities, maybe just maybe you'll experience a shift in your life for the better. No matter how many days/weeks/years of yoga you've been practicing -- be patient, willing, and understand that the benefits of yoga are revealed in a way unique to you, your life, and your perception.

Aside from yoga poses, what else does your yoga journey ask you to practice?

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Practice the present moment
  • Practice peace
  • Practice self-awareness
  • Practice stillness
  • Practice self-care
  • Practice compassion
  • Practice breathing
  • Practice acceptance
  • Practice gratitude
  • Practice love
  • Practice positivity
  • Practice cleansing
  • Practice clarity
  • Practice growth
  • Practice manifestation
  • Practice giving
  • Practice balance
  • Practice presence
  • Practice being

This list could go on and on! Each of these practices are endless in and of themselves. How could we ever be bored with yoga?? You might have heard the quote by Jigar Gor, "Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about what you learn on your way down." Yoga is a personal journey that within its benefits, we improve our lives as individuals and we improve our living communities. 

Do you practice yoga? How? What have you experienced? What have you discovered? What road bumps have you come across? I'd love to hear! 

In need of help? Reach out!

Yoga invites all beings to raise the vibe, within and without. Keep it up!