Freshen up the mood and wellbeing of your workplace


More and more workplaces are hiring yoga teachers to share their services and provide some zen for the staff members. Stephanie currently works regularly with local businesses, all of whom consider their yoga time not only something to look forward to, but also highly productive.

Each workplace has different needs, and Stephanie will guide techniques that provide the exact stress relief and clarity your group is looking for. Your team will come to learn and appreciate that personal wellness and mindfulness for the workplace truly do matter.

  • Add value to your business
  • Expand your capacity
  • Improve your team performance
  • Lessen stress and exhaustion
  • Gain peace and productivity

Rates start at $90/session, group size depending.

Packaged discounts available.

Contact Stephanie for a quote for your team!



workplace options:

30 Minute Focus Sessions

These sessions incorporate mindfulness, relaxation, and movement based techniques to help your team refuel their focus and concentration levels. 30 minute sessions is all it takes. No one even needs to change out of their business attire! To experience change and growth, it is best to commit to at least six weekly sessions, if not ongoing!



Invite Stephanie to your workplace for a 60 or 90 minute seminar that introduces practical techniques to manage stress and improve your productivity. The environment of these seminars is fun, relaxed, and engaging.  Your team will learn about the benefits of mindfulness and learn skills that they can start using that same day. Schedule seminars one time, monthly, or quarterly. Empower your team to leave behind the stress, refocus, and fully enjoy their workplace participation.