Thank you for wanting to know more about one-on-one yoga sessions.

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How will I benefit from a private yoga session?

People inquire about private yoga for different reasons. For some it is scheduling... for others it might be for privacy, convenience, or be going through a personal time of injury, recovery, stress, or trauma in a way that prevents them from attending group classes. Some value the personalized instruction, goal setting, and accountability. Stephanie can only do so much within a studio class setting. She's teaching to many people's broad needs and restrictions. During one-on-one sessions, Stephanie has the opportunity to listen to YOU, your needs, desires, and doubts. If your goal is to progress and move with safety and confidence in group classes, several private sessions will add lasting value, progression, and safe longevity (injury prevention) to your yoga practice!


What is the experience like?

Stephanie will arrive to your space (or you will come to the studio) all prepared with equipment and optional music. There is a one-time waiver form to fill out and sign. She will check in with you about any direct needs and verbally review the prior session/progression if relevant. Some sessions are very much like a studio class with grounding, warm up, flow, cool-down and savasana. Other sessions may be more hands on, technical, discussion based, or focused on breathwork and meditation. Communication is always open and questions are definitely encouraged! Stephanie works great on the spot, and will adapt to your needs and path of growth. 


How many sessions should I commit to?

While some people may be interested in a one time session, most choose to sign up for a 6 session package and renew as needed. Stephanie has been working with a few clients now for three years! It's all up to you, your current situation, and how you'd like to grow!


What is Stephanie's rate?

A one-time 60 minute session starts at $90 for 1-2 people. If you are a new client, this includes a phone consultation of your intention with private yoga. Along with your goals, Stephanie will ask about any injuries, conditions, stress management, and prior yoga experience.  Session packages are available at a discounted rate or $5 - $10 off each session. Additional fees may include travel distance and/or Credit Card or PayPal fees.


What if I'd rather a 30 minute or 45 minute session?

That's okay! Several current clients meet for 30 minute sessions. We can make that work. Given the fact that Stephanie will still have to prep and travel the same amount of time for a 30 minute session as she would a one hour session, 30 minute sessions start at $65 for 1-3 people


How do I make a payment?

Stephanie currently accepts payment via PayPal, cash or check. If using PayPal, she will send you a direct link. Credit Card payment options are coming soon.


Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes. As Stephanie is currently a one woman show and sees a limited number of clients in the metro Detroit area any given day, it is only fair to recognize that someone's cancellation is a loss both for Stephanie as well as the next client who was trying to meet with her. It is asked to agree to a modest cancellation policy. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment with 24 hour of your scheduled time, you remain accountable to pay 50% of the session fee. While this policy is firm for cancellations, Stephanie will do her best to accommodate a rescheduled appointment if it doesn't cause too much loss or labor on her end.


Where do Stephanie and I meet?

Either at your home, workplace, the local studios where Stephanie teaches. (Yoga Now in Keego Harbor, and Village Yoga in Franklin.)


Can we do online sessions?

Absolutely! Virtual sessions via Skype or FaceTime can be very convenient and productive. Virtual sessions are discounted by 20%.