Knowledgeable, highly experienced, highly compassionate, highly intuitive, worldly and wise way beyond her years. I feel very fortunate to have met her! Started with Thai Bodywork and now practicing yoga. I cannot say enough positive things about Stephanie Williams! You would be doing yourself a big favor by hiring her.
— Anne L.

I had my first Thai Bodywork session with Stephanie and the 90 minutes flew by. I know that it helped me get back in balance :) I am looking forward to my next session.
— Leslie D.
Stephanie has a great talent and wonderful energy. She really adjusts the practice towards your particular needs and level. I enjoyed our sessions a lot!
— Olga F.
I have had two Thai Bodywork sessions now with Stephanie and will definitely be booking future sessions. Stephanie has also been my yoga instructor for several months. What I really like about Stephanie is she started our session by asking me a lot of questions about my background, movement ability, past athletic activity, etc. She is very knowledgeable but also humble, and when I would ask a question, if she didn’t know the exact answer, she came back to me later with the requested information. I also value her integrity in her yoga teaching style. She is very cognizant of individual limitations of one’s body and will never recommend a posture/pose if there is any chance of pain or harm. I have had far too many yoga instructors in the past who will try to force the body into a posture that is simply not feasible, thus causing injury. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and been exposed to numerous instructors as well as received Thai Bodywork from previous instructors. Stephanie is hands down, the most knowledgeable, skilled and trustworthy instructor I have met. I would recommend her with my highest regards.
— Whitney S.
It was an amazing experience. Stephanie’s technique is remarkable. I plan to do this once a month.
— Maureen M.

I have enjoyed massage for many years at home and at some of the greatest spas in the world. The was my first time with traditional Thai Bodywork. It was very different and healing. I was completely comfortable and Stephanie took her time to understand my body. The experience was a delight for me, but like all good things ended too soon. I felt light when I left the studio. As a side note, I loved grandma’s pillow and the color palette of the mat/rug/ pillow was soothing as well. Looking forward to a long session this week. Recommended to friends as well and I am sure they will try it out. For those of you that may not know Stephanie, she is a very careful and thoughtful person to whom you can surrender.
— Lois B.

I had Stephanie as a yoga teacher while I was training. She is an exceptionally understanding and calm person, I felt that she intuitively understood what boundaries I was coming up against both mentally and physically. She has a very healing presence and character and is an encouraging and patient teacher. I believe that presence and personality is very important when doing yoga or getting a healing massage. I would definitely recommend Stephanie as a teacher and bodyworker. She was a great person to learn from.
— Courtney V.
She is so caring and gentle in a deep beautiful way. I really loved my Thai Bodywork session and would like uno más por favor!
— Tizia O.
Already have some relief from calf pain after one session. Looking forward to more Thai Bodywork with Stephanie.
— Donna S.

I had a wonderful Thai Bodywork session with Stephanie. It was so relaxing that I felt I was transported to another zone. After the session I noticed my body felt open, relaxed as well as flexible. The 60 minutes went way too fast!
— Linda M.

Stephanie was gentle and experienced in hitting just the right pressure points to even me out and relax me. I don’t get much from a traditional or Swiss style muscle massage. I prefer one that works with the body’s natural energy meridians. It’s hard to find people who know this even among masseurs. The treatment was quite effective, even more so than others I’ve had. My eyes opened up bright, and wide and clear. I had never had this. My usual test for a good session is immediately I have smooth, even, lovely penmanship (not my norm) which I did have here with Stephanie. Definitely plan on going more routinely to keep up my improvement. She is a delight.
— Robin N.