Is Thai bodywork right for you?

Give it a try and find out!

General Wellness

Relaxation, Restoration & Stress Relief


Increase Flexibility and Circulation

Injury Recovery

Physical (sports) Therapy

Emotional Healing & Balancing

Relief from: chronic pain, sciatica, herniated disks, nerve damage, depression, anxiety, headaches...and much more!      



Thai bodywork (aka Thai massage or "Lazy Man's Yoga") differs from regular relaxation massage in the way that it is performed on a low futon-like mat, the receiver is fully clothed, and there is no use of scents or oils. The practice promotes not only relaxation and restoration, but also a recalibrating of the body to enable a healthy and balanced energetic flow.

Practitioners will use their palms, thumbs, elbows, forearms, sometimes feet and knees using mostly compression and acupressure techniques in order to to stimulate the nervous, lymphatic and circulatory systems. Occasionally the receiver is led through passive yogic-like stretches to provide deeper release and greater circulation. Thai bodywork a is full-body experience, and clients continuously report very positive results.

Stephanie trained in Thai Bodywork both stateside as well as direct from the source in Thailand. She has a keen understanding of how to apply Eastern tradition to the Western body. Her clients range widely in age, health conditions, fitness level, and flexibility.

While benefits can be felt after just one session, clients consistently report lasting and positive change after several sessions. After your first visit, Stephanie keeps your best interest in mind and will make an honest suggestion regarding frequency and regularity of future visits. 


Services & Rates*

New Client 60 Min. Session - $65

60 Min. Session - $80

90 Min. Session - $115

Add-on Foot Reflexology, Essential Oils, or Facial treatment - $5


purchase 3-session packages and receive 10% off!

$215 for 60 minute sessions ($72 each)


$310 for 90 minute sessions ($103 each)

(6 month expiration)



Foot Reflexology: applies pressure to specific reflex points from the feet up to the knees that correspond to different body systems and organs. Effective in relieving stress, function of organs,and one’s overall health.

Facial Treatment: Keep your face relaxed and vibrant. A warm cleansing pad first clears the pores. Then a simple, organic lotion blend is applied while specific revitalizing lines and points are traced with soothing strokes and light pressure. Great for headaches and sinus relief.

Essential Oils: You may choose from a variety of oils to have applied to your hands and feet, where the therapeutic qualities of the oils are most rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream. Their scent will linger throughout the session, adding aromatherapy benefits as well!

Private Yoga: Stephanie will lead you through a yoga session according to your needs and questions. Could simply be used to help you land present in your body before beginning the following bodywork of choice.

*Rates are subject to change. Keep an eye out for special offers, packages, and discounts.